Rangers/Rangerettes Broadcast Schedule

Nashville Girls Tournament
11/20/17 Rangerettes vs. Mt. Vernon 6:30 PM
11/21/17 Rangerettes vs. Nashville 8:00 PM
11/25/17 Rangerettes vs. Weclin 1:30 PM
11/25/17 Rangerettes vs. TBA TBA

Goreville Boys Tournament
11/27/17 Rangers vs. Anna-Jonesboro 8:30 PM
11/28/17 Rangers vs. Hardin Co. 5:30 PM
12/1/17 Rangers vs. Hamilton County 7:00 PM
12/2/17 Rangers vs. Johnston City 10:00 AM
12/1/17 Rangers vs. Goreville 7:30 PM

11/28/17 Rangerettes vs. Herrin 7:30 PM
12/4/17 Rangerettes vs. Hamilton County 7:30 PM
12/8/17 Rangers vs. Herrin 7:30 PM
12/9/17 Rangerettes vs. Nashville 1:00 PM

12/12/17 Rangers at Carmi-White County 7:00 PM
12/14/17 Rangerettes at Frankfort 7:30 PM
12/15/17 Rangers at Frankfort 7:30 PM
12/16/17 Rangers at Nashville 7:30 PM

12/21/17 Rangers vs. Harrisburg 7:30 PM

Duster Thomas Hoops Classic

1/2/18 Rangerettes at Murphysboro 7:30 PM
1/4/18 Rangerettes vs. Massac County 7:30 PM
1/5/18 Rangers vs. Massac County 7:30 PM

1/9/18 Rangerettes @ Herrin 7:30 PM
1/11/18 Rangerettes @ DuQuoin 6:30 PM
1/12/18 Rangers @ Murphysboro 7:30 PM

Mounds Meridian vs. Sesser-Valier
Pinckneyville vs. Carlyle
Benton vs. Hamilton County
Hamilton County vs. Mounds Meridian
Sesser-Valier vs. Pinckneyville
Benton vs. Carlyle
Carlyle vs. Hamilton County
Benton vs. Sesser-Valier
Mounds Meridian vs. Pinckneyville
Sesser-Valier vs. Carlyle
Mounds Meridian vs. Benton
Pinckneyville vs. Hamilton County
Carlyle vs. Mounds Meridian
Hamilton County vs. Sesser-Valier
Benton vs. Pinckneyville

1/23/18 Rangerettes vs. West Frankfort
1/24/18 Rangers at Murphysboro (make up)
1/25/18 Rangerettes at Harrisburg
1/26/18 Rangers at Herrin
1/27/18 Rangerettes vs. Herculaneum, MO
(Broadcasting live on Twitter/Periscope @wqrl)
1/27/18 Rangers vs. Carterville

2/1/18 Rangerettes vs. Murphysboro
2/2/18 Rangers. vs. West Frankfort
2/3/18 Rangerettes vs. Carterville 2:30PM
2/3/18 Rangers vs. Staunton

2/08/18 Rangerettes vs. Murphysboro
2/09/18 Rangers @ Harrisburg
2/10/18 Rangers @ Massac County

2/14/18 Rangerettes vs. Carbondale @ Mt. Vernon Regional 7:30 PM

2/16/18 Rangers vs. Murphysboro

2/20/18 Rangers @ Mt. Vernon
2/23/18 Rangers vs. Salem

Additional schedules games will be added to our online schedule soon.

~All 2017 Rangers basketball games and select Rangerettes basketball games will air on WQRL 106.3 FM and www.wqrlradio.com - Listen on your smart phone, tablet, home computer or any other smart device with internet access
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