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Listen to all of our local sports and talk programming here!

Here are some tips that will hopefully ensure you're able to listen online:

Remember, we do not stream 24/7. We only stream local sports broadcasting, Sound Off on Wednesday nights from 8:00-10:00 P, and Saturday Morning Talking Sports from 8:00A-10:00A. If you try to follow the listen live links outside of the programming hours, you will not be able to listen. It is best to link to the streaming at start time, or just after start time of the programming. Trying to listen before programming begins will not work.

When following our links for listening live, you will be directed to another website where our streaming is provided.
You will need to make sure you follow the links and instructions there for your program destination.

If you still experience difficulty, remember to check all your settings. If you feel everything on your computer is set correctly, please e-mail and we will try to assist you during business hours so that you can successfully listen to programming online in the future.

Thank you.

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